A safe and secure web application firewall software

We offer an instant method of protecting each web application in your cloud hosting account, no matter if it’s freshly installed or has been transferred from another web hosting provider. All our shared web hosting packs include ModSecurity – a web app firewall software, which is enabled by default. We have configured it to instantly hamper the majority of hacker attacks. This implies that as soon as you host your website with us, it’ll be safer than before.

Data Backups

Lost your web site content? Turn to our data backup service

Once put on the net, your site content is normally prone to hacker attacks. It can be affected even by your very own unintentional actions. Select us and, there’s nothing to worry about, given that we maintain a backup copy of your site content, which will be restored whenever you want. Additionally, you’ll be able to create manual back–up copies of your entire website with just a click of the mouse through the File Manager, which is available in the Web Control Panel. Our system will save all of your website files and will store them in an archive, which will be stored in your hosting account.

VPN Access

Safe, private website browsing

If, for some reason, you have to erase your electronic footmark, we have an ideal solution for you. With each of our shared web hosting packs, you can acquire VPN access and have all your incoming and outgoing web site traffic re–routed through one of our Virtual Private Network data centers. And you’ll be able to make use of the very same Virtual Private Network configurations on just about any device that’s connected online – your desktop machine, your notebook, your smartphone, etc..

Service Scalability

Take full advantage of the available web hosting resources anytime

Our cloud web hosting system allows for the load to be distributed among a few machines instead of one. This enables you to you make full use of the available web hosting server resources and enjoy extra–fast site loading speeds even in case the server is under stress. Furthermore, you are able to further widen your hard disk storage space, data transfer and CPU utilization allowances, or move to a more powerful cloud hosting package if you want to with a simple click of the mouse.

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